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Find A Business Using Yellowpages.com

Yellowpages.com, a web-based version of the well-known Yellow Pages booklet, is an online directory that compiles contact information and reviews of businesses and services within a specific geographic location. You can access the directory from anywhere in the United States using your laptop or smart phone and find options ranging from spas and hair salons for a day of beauty to restaurants and movie theaters for a romantic date night.

How to Find Your Way Around Step-by-Step

The free search engine is designed to assist consumers with comparing and selecting local businesses and strives to provide customer satisfaction and community growth.

1. Access Yellowpages.com on your Internet Browser

  • Provide a relevant piece of information in the search bar
  • Keyword: name of business, category of business, service
  • Phone number: seven-digit or ten-digit listing
  • Location: specific address, street name, postal code
  • Person: name, phone number, address

As an industry leading search engine, www.Yellowpages.com is easily accessible for anyone with an Internet connection and allows users to connect with over 200 types of industries in nearly 5,000 categories.

2. Browse Locally Based on Category

  • Restaurants—most popular cuisines
  • Doctors—physicians, surgeons, alternative medicine
  • Deals—coupons and free offers
  • Hotels—availabilities and rates
  • Person—connect with former classmates, identify social media profiles

This feature allows you to find a business or person if you do not already have a specific name in mind.

3. Utilize Customer Reviews

Once you have generated a list of opportunities, utilize the customer reviews in order to make an informed decision. All reviews are written by clientele and offer a 1-5 star rating plus photos/videos.

4.  Acquire Contact Information

Click on the business that is most appropriate and collect all pertinent information such as the business’ contact number, address, hours of operation, and price range.

6. Find Directions to Your Destination

When you are satisfied with your choice, utilize the map feature in order to find directions. A window will pop up that marks the location with a green star and provides step-by-step directions if the user enters a starting address.

7. Mobile Phone Users

For quick info, send a text message including search term and location to YP411 and Yellowpages.com will text back with as many as three results.

Finding a business using Yellowpages.com enables customers to access solutions for their everyday needs from the comfort of their own home or on the go during a busy day. Whether you want to find a reliable professional for home repairs or find great deals for a weekend vacation, Yellowpages.com is right at your fingertips and makes the process fast and simple.

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