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Track the Status of a Simplexity Order

Simplexity is a virtual mobile network operator and e-commerce solutions provider based in the United States. They offer a wide range of branded wireless solutions and customizable e-commerce storefronts on a proprietary platform in a full suite of wireless business solution products. Simplexity also has their own order tracking website used for watching the status of an online order from their own virtual storefront, wirefly.com. Wirefly provides its own brand of wireless and internet products, and operates a channel on YouTube that does video reviews and comparisons on hot products. Their page has had nearly six million views.

Simplexity’s online inventory tracking system for Wirefly, whereismyorder.com, allows a user to track the status of a Simplexity order from the convenience of any internet ready computer. The service only requires the order number from your current, undelivered online order.

Easy Order Tracking

Customer satisfaction is a key element when dealing with massive numbers of product orders on a daily basis. Unsatisfied customers have plenty of other choices out there, so Simplexity strives to keep all of your order information at your fingertips.

Tracking your order is a handy way to know when your new Wirefly product will arrive or, if it’s overdue, to determine its status. Simplexity makes it easy to quickly determine the status of an order from wirefly.com. From any computer with internet access,

  • Go to www.whereismyorder.com
  • Enter your email information and order number into the provided fields.
  • Click “Sign In.”

Here, it is important to point out that you need to enter the same email address you used when placing your online order. Also note, information about your Wirefly order may not be available within the first twenty-four hours of placing your online order. The site does not offer a mobile-friendly version, so it may be best to do this from a PC, not from your wireless phone or tablet.

The next page will give you detailed information on your order’s status and location, whether it is still processing, back ordered, packing to ship, or already shipped. Remember to keep your order number written down in a safe place, so you can refer back to this page as often as you like to track the status of your Simplexity order.

This is a fast, easy and convenient way for you to track any product that you have ordered from the Wirefly virtual storefront, as early as twenty-four hours after placing the order. Further information about Simplexity and its services can be found on www.simplexity.com and its Wirefly product line can be found at www.wirefly.com.


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