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Sign Up For Weight Watchers Monthly Pass

There are a countless number of people looking to lose weight throughout the world. Although one of the most common methods to lose weight is through dieting, many gain that weight back when their diet is complete. Instead of dieting many people need help in order to shed those extra pounds. One way many people accomplish this is by joining a weight loss program. One of the most well-known programs that help people lose those extra pounds is Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers has helped millions of people lose weight around the world for over 40 years and they have been helping them keep this weight off.

What is a Weight Watchers Monthly Pass?

In order to make your weight loss more successful Weight Watchers has created a monthly pass. With a low monthly fee, the Weight Watchers Monthly Pass not only provides you with unlimited meetings each month, you also get free access to their eTools, a weight-loss companion. The eTools companion gives you interactive tools, tips and recipes all designed to help you stay on track with your Weight Watchers program so you can lose that weight. You will get a new Monthly Pass in the mail every month, which you will need to show at your meetings as proof of purchase.

Acquiring That Weight Watchers Monthly Pass Is Easy!

After joining Weight Watchers at www.weightwatchers.com you will need the Access Code found on your Starter Voucher in order to successfully purchase your Weight Watchers Monthly Pass.

  • You can pay on their website – Go to the Weight Watchers Monthly Pass website and enter the Access Code from your Starter Voucher. Afterwards you will need to enter a valid credit card or PayPal account in order to complete the signup.
  • You can pay at your meeting – If you decide to pay your first month at your meeting you will still need to complete the sign-up on the Weight Watchers Monthly Pass website by entering the Access Code from the Starter Voucher.

When you are finished, your Weight Watchers Monthly Pass should arrive at your home within two weeks. Future payments will automatically be taken out of your account or credit card until you cancel. In order to ensure that you get your new Weight Watchers Monthly Pass on time every month payments will usually be made 15 days before the end date printed on your old pass. It is that simple!



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