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Cox Client? Sign Up for Cox Webmail for 2 GB of Space and 10 Accounts

Cox Communications has always had a way of ensuring that its customers are well looked after. Cox is the third-largest phone, cable and Internet provider in the country, and is well known for its commitment to bringing its customers the best television, internet and telephone services, offering them the ability to consolidate their services with one provider. If you are already with Cox, you will know that it’s not about being the biggest, but it is about being the best – best value for money, best ease of communication and best customer care.

Because Cox understands that it’s easier to have all of your services in one place, the company is now offering customers the opportunity to have 2GB of space and 10 accounts on their very own Cox webmail service. To get your own Cox webmail service set up is really easy – just follow these basic steps and you will be set up in no time.

How to Set Up Cox Webmail

1) Navigate your web browser to webmail.west.cox.net. You will be greeted with a homepage that lets you know about the features of Cox Webmail. You already know that you can own up to 10 email accounts with 2GB of storage for each address, but using this service you can also create messages to your contacts directly from your Address Book, you can manage SpamBlocker and other advanced email tools, and you can search for current and saved messages.

2) Access your Cox account by signing in with your user ID and password. From here you will need to choose whether you wish to use classic or enhanced webmail, and then click on the sign in button. (For customers who do not have a web-based account with Cox, go through to the “Register now” page and fill out the application form online.)

3) Next, you will have to supply some information to set up Cox Webmail. You will need to provide your Cox account number, your Cox Pin or last four digits of your SSN, your first and last name, your address details (city, state, province, zip code, et cetera), your phone numbers (cellular and home numbers), the email address you would like and a password for your account. Once you have accepted Cox Webmail’s terms and conditions, click the finish button.

Benefits of Using Cox Webmail

Just like your internet, television and telephone services are all in one place, so now are your email accounts, which are all part of the Cox system. So go forth and email – it’s all part of Cox’s superior service.

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