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How to Use Webkinz Game Card to Earn E-Store Points

Let the Webkinz Game Card Begin

Do you want your kids to be able to have safe fun online while learning new curriculum-based facts and skills like typing, spelling, and thinking logically? Webkinz is such a kids-friendly game with structured chats and non-violent games and quizzes. The game also promotes the learning of how to make money (e-Store points) and responsibly spend it.

Everything is virtual in the Webkinz world except for the cost of the initial set up or the purchase of any e-Store points the child hasn’t earned through playing such games as Shoe Store Clerk and Fence Painting.

EStore points can be bought through the parent’s online account or by purchasing Webkinz Game Cards, which offer 10,000 eStore points for $10 or 25,000 points for $25. The points are used to buy desired virtual game pieces that can be incorporated into the Webkinz world your child has created. These could include virtual pets, charms and MAZIN’ hamsters.

Parents and Grandparents can Give Webkinz Game Cards

Webkinz Game Cards are actual cards that can be purchase in the United States at F.Y.E., GameStop, and Walgreens stores and which must be activated by the cashier at checkout for them to be valid.

Once purchased, it’s important to know how to use a Webkinz Game Card to earn eStore points. The process requires a few steps:

•   First, log in to your account at www.webkinz.com

•   Then go to the Things To Do menu and access the Webkinz World eStore

•   In the eStore code space, enter the code you’ll find on the Webkinz Game Card

•   Locate the button that says, “Redeem Code” and click on it

The points will automatically be added to your Webkinz account if you correctly entered the code. If so, you will be able to begin shopping with your new points total right away. With them you can buy clothes for your virtual pet, the virtual pet itself, or furnishings for your Webkinz World room.

Webkinz Game Card points are not Forever

There are some things about your eStore points to keep in mind:

  • There are no returns, refunds, or exchanges in the eStore, so be sure only to buy what you truly want.
  • You cannot trade or sell eStore items.
  • eStore points are only good until your Webkinz account expires. If it does, they will be reactivated when you obtain a new pet.

So once you learn how to use a Webkinz Game Card to earn eStore points, you’ll know what to get your child for Christmas.

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