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Got a Walmart MoneyCard? Learn How to Activate and Access It Online Here

Walmart’s money card is a pre-paid card that can be loaded with money before you use it. Walmart’s money card is brought to you by Visa, so it is accepted anywhere Visa and Visa Debit can be used. You can use this card at ATMs for withdrawals, pay for goods and services, and do Internet shopping online. You can also pay your bills with your new Walmart money card. To enjoy the features that the Walmart money card gives you, you have to activate your card online, so make sure you have your Walmart money card with you and these few steps will get you ready to spend your balance.

Activate Your Walmart Money Card

If you haven’t already, purchase a Walmart Money Card at your nearest participating Walmart store. Next, go to www.walmartmoneycard.com and load up the page. Once you reach this page, there will be a box in the center of the page labeled “Set up your Walmart Money Card”. Click on the box that says “Sign up.” You may also wish to click the link below it that says “Read cardholder agreement” before you agree to signing up. On the next page, there are three steps to setting up your card. They are:

  1. Enter your 16 digit temporary card number from the front of the card in the first window, and then beside it, enter the three digit security code from the back of the card.
  2.  Next, enter your personal information into the window. You will need to include your first name, middle initial, last name, street address (with apartment number if you have one), city, state, and zip code. You will also have to include your social security number, and your date of birth. Then you will need to create a four-digit pin for the card. If you are wondering why you need to include your social security card number, Walmart has a policy that lines up with federal law, which requires companies that issue credit cards and other financial aid to have this information on people who obtain credit. What this means for you is that when you activate your Walmart money card, you will be asked to enter personal details such as your name, address and date of birth so that Walmart can identify you.
  3. Finally, enter your contact information; your email address, mobile phone number and home phone number are required. Read the terms and conditions and then click continue to verify.

That’s it—you’re all done! Your card is now ready to use.

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