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Sign in to Access My Verizon

Getting its start in 1983, Verizon was originally named Bell Atlantic, and rose in Philadelphia. Today, Verizon Communications, Inc. is one of the leading names in American broadband and telecommunications companies. They provide their clients with excellent service to go along with their advanced, reliable products, clearly connecting you to your friends and family.

If you have a Verizon account, you’ll be able to sign-in to your My Verizon page from your mobile phone, laptop, PC, or MAC. You will be able to sign in at any time, day or night, to enjoy the many convenient aspects that the My Verizon system has to offer. There are a variety of things you can take care of and do from your My Verizon page. Simply go to the My Verizon log-in page, and sign-in with your User ID and password.

If you happened to have forgotten your User ID, password, or both, simply click the link titled “Forgot Password” or  the link titled “User ID?” The link will bring you to another page, where you will have the opportunity to plug in your information so that your User ID or password may be sent to you. If you have not registered for a My Verizon account, you may do so by choosing the “Register for My Verizon” option.

A stable, and fast Internet connection is needed to sign-in or register for My Verizon.

What You Can Do on My Verizon

 By logging in to your My Verizon page, there are plenty of things you’ll be able to do. Your My Verizon account will help you perform transactions, check on particular information, and access entertainment very easily. It is your command center, where you’ll have full control to do the following:

  •  ŸCheck your e-mail
  • ŸMake bill payments
  • ŸWatch TV online
  • ŸManage your DVR online

Do You Need to Register for My Verizon?

 Registering for My Verizon is a quick and easy process. Remember, you have to have an account with Verizon in order to register for a My Verizon page. In order to register, go to the registration page and enter your Verizon phone number. Next, you will choose to provide one of three pieces of information: your last bill amount, your last payment amount, or your Verizon account number.

Once you’ve plugged in this information, click on “continue” and follow the instructions to creating a Username ID and password. When you’re done registering, you may log-in to your My Verizon account, and enjoy all the conveniences it has to offer you.

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