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USA Jobs: The Ultimate Guide to Registering and Checking Your Application Status

USAJOBS is a website created by the US Government to list jobs at a federal level, as well as important employment information. Federal agencies must list jobs at their organizations publicly, and the USA Jobs website serves as an information service for people wishing to work at a federal level. Federal agencies sometimes have hiring issues, and by using the USAJOBS website, these agencies get their vacancies filled and their organization back on track. The online recruitment tool on the USAJOBS website is a powerful part of this hiring process and you can be a part of it. If you would like to sign up to USAJOBS, follow these few simple steps.

Sign Up to USAJOBS Now

To create a new account, enter www.usajobs.com into your browser and follow the link.

Click on the button that says “Create an Account.” It should be highlighted in red in the upper right corner of the page. The process is easy. All you have to do is provide all of the personal information that is required of you—be as detailed as possible. Make sure you enter a valid email ID, and then choose a suitable username for the website. Click on the button below that says “I Agree, Create My Account” and you will then be able to head through to the section where federal jobs are listed.

Personalizing Your Profile

Once you have created your own account, you should now enter your job specifications. You will be able to create multiple resumes and upload them so you can apply for different roles with ease. Having different resumes for different jobs helps you send in a more targeted application for a job.

Next, set up a few job searches so that you can receive updates about new jobs via email.

Finally, upload your important documents to add to your job applications. College transcripts, experience transcripts and other awards should be considered vital to creating a stand-out profile.

With your new USAJOBS account you’ll be able to create and store up to five different resumes, save your search criteria, save and apply for jobs, search by occupation agency or geographic location, apply to federal agencies, access tutorials that teach you how to use USAJOBS, and see which positions have the highest levels of demand.

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