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Texas Residents: How to Sign Up to the Texas DPS Driver Responsibility Surcharge Program Online

With online payment systems becoming the norm, it can be very bothersome to find parking, stand in line, and wait for someone to assist you with payments for something as simple as a parking ticket. The Texas Department of Safety understands this and has revolutionized online payment to benefit Texas residents. Texas residents are now able to check the status of their DPS account or make payments, and they can do all of it online in a few easy and straightforward steps. The simplicity of the online program makes it easy for Texans to stay up-to-date with the status of their online accounts and ensure that they are able to make payments in a timely manner for their own benefit.

Requirements for the Texas Driver Responsibility Surcharge Program Online

In order for a Texas resident to participate in the online DPS program, a person must be able to provide a set of personal information that includes the following: their valid Texas Driver License number, I.D. Card number or Department of Public Safety Assigned Number; their date of birth; their last name as it appears on the I.D. card or Driver License; and their 5-digit zip code. Once the sign-up process is complete, in a few simple steps, in order for a person to make payments through the online system, a person will also need to provide their valid credit card number.

Step-By-Step Guide for Setting Up an Account With the Texas DPS Driver Responsibility Surcharge Program Online

  1. The first step to setting up is to register for an account with DPS. Do this by going to the following website: http://www.txsurchargeonline.com
  2. Fill in all of the fields (blank spaces) with the required personal information, including date of birth, zip code, and the other required information noted in the above paragraph.
  3. Press the “login” button to establish an account with the Driver Responsibility Surcharge Program.

With an online program that is easy to set up and even easier to access in the future, drivers who live in Texas are able to conveniently make payments with their online accounts from the comforts of their own home, on their laptops or handheld devices. This process is streamlined so that drivers do not need to bother themselves or waste all of their time by standing in line and waiting to make their payments.

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