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Make Booking At DX For Redelivery

Despite numerous technological advances, businesses and corporations still rely on postal services to deliver letters, contracts, or other business correspondence to their many clients. DX Group is an independent mail service invested in providing secure, reliable delivery of business mail at an affordable cost to its customers. One service DX offers is redelivery of previously mailed items; customers are able to make booking at DX for redelivery according to their schedule.

Redelivery Service

When mailing a letter or package to another customer or business, it is possible for the delivery courier to miss the party intended to receive the package, resulting in the correspondence returning to storage. Redelivery is a service provided when packages or correspondence is missed by the intended party; a different time or date is selected for delivery and the courier redelivers the mailing at that set time.

If you had received a voicemail, calling card, or text message indicating a package or other correspondence was delivered to your address when you were unavailable, you can make booking at DX for redelivery at a more convenient time.

Booking Your Redelivery

To make a booking at DX for redelivery, one can visit our online site at https://www.thedx.co.uk/redelivery. Booking requires entry of a tracking number and post code from the delivery address. If neither of these items are available, customers can contact the DX customer service team at 0844 371 0000 to receive instructions, or verify if the package is still in house awaiting delivery. Should the calling card informing you of package delivery be lost, or your notification voicemail deleted, contact the service team for instructions on how to schedule package delivery.

To book redelivery of your package online:

  • Visit the DX website and provide package tracking information, including the postal code of the original shipment address
  • Enter information required to confirm package redelivery. Information should be entered carefully to ensure the courier has the proper instructions for delivery date and time.
  • Should you need to change the address for delivery, specify so when filling out the forms, or select “last delivery address” to ensure the shipment is sent to the correct person.
  • Select “Finish” to submit your request

Once redelivery has been booked, you should be contacted by email or other correspondence to confirm delivery date and time. For assistance with your redelivery request, contact DX’s Customer Service department at 0800 371 0000 to set up the service.

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