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Participate In The T.G.I. FRIDAY’S Survey

With over 1000 locations in 61 countries, T.G.I. FRIDAY’s has built itself up as one of the leaders in American cuisine worldwide. Catering to the casual, T.G.I. FRIDAY’S offers a fun and friendly dining environment that allows you to choose from a wide range of tasty meals that are both familiar and new. Now they are offering you the opportunity to win not only free meals, but gifts that include free music downloads and movie tickets as well as a chance to enter and win up to $2,000 by participating in the T.G.I. FRIDAY’S survey.

How to Take the T.G.I. FRIDAY’s Survey

Make sure that you keep your receipts from all of your T.G.I. FRIDAY’S visits, because you will need them to participate in the survey. With receipt in hand, all you need now is a computer with internet access, and to be a resident of the United States of America. If you can check those boxes, all that is left to do is head to http://www.tgifsurvey.com. Once at this web page follow these easy instructions:

  1. Enter the four digit store number located at the top of your receipt.
  2. You will then be asked to enter the 12 or 15 digit code from the section of the receipt that has the survey information.
  3. Answer the questions about your dining experience and wait staff. These may include questions such as “was your meal prepared properly?” or “was your waiter/waitress pleasant?”
  4. Fill out the registration form after the survey, including e-mail address and home address so that you can be notified in case you win the sweepstakes. You will not be added to a mailing list.
  5. Once the registration form is submitted you will be rewarded with a coupon for a free appetizer up to $8, and you will also be entered for a chance to win one of many instant prizes.

Have a pen ready to copy down the coupon code for the free appetizer. As mentioned earlier, prizes can include digital downloads, so depending on what you win it may be necessary to visit additional websites to claim prizes, however no additional cost is required.

T.G.I. FRIDAY’s has always brought you delicious American-style food in a fun casual setting. Now, with the T.G.I. FRIDAY’s survey and a few extra minutes of your time, not only could you win new music or tickets to the latest blockbuster, but you could walk away $2000 richer!

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