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Tellthebell.com: Win an iPad from Taco Bell

Nearly every single one of us has found ourselves craving “fourth meal” after a late night out on the town. Let’s face it. Taco Bell always has something mouthwatering on the menu if you are a Taco Bell enthusiast like so many of us are, you can now get rewarded for satisfying your cravings. After you just picked up a meal of any size from Taco Bell, take a look at your receipt. You should notice a 5-6 digit code in bold letters. That’s your key to winning a brand new iPad, or another one of Taco Bell’s prizes. Along with the iPad giveaway, people that take this survey also have a chance at winning $500 cash from Taco Bell. Now that beefy 5-layer burrito that you ate just got a little beefier! Just punch in your store code and you will be taken to a page that has a few survey questions for you to answer.


The Quickest Survey You Have Ever Taken

 Any time you read or hear “just a quick survey,” it can feel like you are being dragged into something you don’t want to be a part of. However, this one really is as brief as they make it sound, so don’t feel like you are getting into a time commitment of any more than a couple of minutes.

1)      Go to tellthebell.com

2)      Enter in your Taco Bell’s store code located at top of your receipt.

3)      Rate your experience with Taco Bell on a scale from one to nine, with nine being the best.

4)      Indicate whether or not you would recommend that particular Taco Bell location to a friend on a similar scale. Click “next.”

5)      Provide your name and the best phone number to reach you by so that they know how to contact you if you have won a prize.


Give It Another Shot

 Once you have put in your receipt code and rated your Taco Bell experience, you will be directed to a page that asks for your name and phone number. Don’t worry, this is just so they can contact you if you are going to be the lucky recipient of a new iPad or $500. Once you have entered in your contact information, you will be informed that you are allowed try again in two weeks. In order to be eligible for another entry into the giveaway, you will need a different receipt than the one you just used. Now you have another great excuse to get another one of your favorite meals at Taco Bell!

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