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Join to Get TaxACT Online Free Edition

2nd Story Software® is a Web-based tax-preparation software specialist working to provide the best tax preparation service since their founding in 1998.  TaxACT® is their feature tax software built upon the extensive know-how of in-house tax specialists, CPAs and computer programmers.

2nd Story Software® is fully dedicated to providing high quality tax software at an affordable price. This goal is achieved in TaxACT® which is made available free and in other low cost packages.

The TaxACT® versions available are all IRS and State approved.

TaxACT® Software and On-The-Web

TaxACT® is available in both CD/Download and Online versions and offers two customized ways to enter data:

  • An interview format
  • A forms-based entry method

TaxACT® has many protections in the form of multiple checks and balances to make sure your return is error free to minimize costly mistakes in preparing your tax filing.

TaxACT® promises their software and services to be without surprises, stipulations or gimmicks.

For those filers who desire a greater level of confidence and a package deal, bundles are available with additional services attached starting at $12.95 for Federal filing.

For the State filing, there are options for just $14.95 each — an affordable rate by any competitive standard.

The Business of “Free”

Tax preparation is very competitive and only by proving their worth does a company stand out. By allowing clients to test the services for free, TaxACT® allows you to judge for yourself how effective it is.

TaxACT® is also backed by a no-risk guarantee and offers quality customer service to handle the most difficult questions and concerns.  It is this policy which has built the loyalty base of TaxACT® and reached millions of satisfied customers.  You pay nothing until you are ready to submit your filing, so you get to choose your options even then.

How to Do Get the Free Edition

The Federal Tax Return preparation is absolutely free for everyone!  When they say “FREE”, TaxACT® really means free.  Simply sign in following their simple instructions:

  • Go to: www.taxact.com
  • Select: Sign In
  • Click on: Start Your Tax Return
  • You will have to input your email address, select a password and choose a security question
  • Don’t forget to check the box indicating you agree to the licensing agreement terms
  • Click on the button below: Start My Free Return, and you’ll be completing your Federal Filing in no time!

This service is available for both Software users and Online customers.

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