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Sign In at T-Mobile Customer Service Account Online

T-Mobile USA has been a leader in affordable wireless services in the United States for several years. Including its subsidiaries, this global wireless communication company, whose parent company is based in Bonn, Germany, has over 150 million customers worldwide. American T-Mobile subscribers can enjoy the convenience and simplicity of online account management when they sign in at T-Mobile Customer Service Account online.

T-Mobile has seen many changes in name and structure since it’s early inception into the wireless communication industry, back in the mid-1980’s, when the German company that would eventually become T-Mobile, began marketing the first “radio-telephones.” Now, with the advent of internet technology, T-Mobile USA customers can access all of their account information, evaluate different service plans, and even chat in real-time with a technical support specialist. This fast, easy-to-use service only requires you to have a PC with internet access, and an existing T-Mobile account.

Signing Up is Quick and Easy

As a T-Mobile customer, you already know what to expect in the realm of customer service. This next, logical step gives you many advantages besides convenience and ease of use.

  • First, log on to http://support.t-mobile.com.
  • Click the “Login/Register” link in the top right of the home page.
  • From the login screen, choose “Register for my T-Mobile.”
  • After entering your 10-digit phone number, T-Mobile sends you a temporary registration password by way of email.
  • Using this temporary password, login to T-Mobile, where you can set up your profile and set a password of your choice. Remember to use good password practices.

There is no support for mobile devices at this time, so logging in only from a PC is recommended. Your T-Mobile account online is now ready to use and opens a door to a host of account features and information. T-Mobile USA maintains a sharp, professional looking website with intuitive navigation and controls. This is the sort of thing to expect from a globally recognized wireless communication and internet carrier company, and T-Mobile doesn’t disappoint.

From their humble beginnings in mid-1980’s Germany, T-Mobile has come a long way, and covered a lot of ground getting to the point that they have achieved today. If you are a T-Mobile subscriber, this comprehensive online account website will be an invaluable tool you will refer back to time after time. Find the site and bookmark the home page, or add to your favorites.

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