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Activate Super Drug Beauty Card Online Registration

The new Superdrug Beautycard allows customers to earn points when shopping instore, and makes them eligible for a variety of bonuses and promotions only available to Beautycard holders. Beautycards can be picked up at any Superdrug location, and you can activate the Superdrug Beautycard easily through our online registration service. The Superdrug Beautycard is free to use and available to all customers over the age of 14.

Beautycard Benefits

Superdrug customers who activate their Superdrug Beautycard via online registration are eligible for a variety of benefits and promotions. There are bonus points available each time you shop, and points earned can be spent on instore items. Spending points will also earn points, and customers will receive extra perks and offers by signing up for Superdrug’s email service. The card itself can also be used as a mirror for customers wanting a quick way to check their appearance.

For every 100 points earned, you will receive €1 to spend on any instore item. Customers need only present their Beautycard when checking out and let the cashier know how many points they wish to spend on the item. Partial point payment can be done and full payment completed with a credit card or pounds.

Once you activate the Superdrug Beautycard online, shopping done online will also earn points that can be later spent. At this time, points cannot be applied to online purchases, but any points earned or bonuses offered can be used instore on any item. Makeup, skincare items, toiletries, fragrances; all items purchased will earn you points that can later be used to save a pound or two on other items.

Activating Your Superdrug Beautycard

Your new Superdrug Beautycard can be registered online at www.superdrug.com. You will need your Beautycard handy during the activation process in order to enter the card number when requested.

  • Enter your personal and contact information as requested on the online registration page.
  • Select a password you’ll remember to access your account
  • Enter the card number located on the back of your Superdrug Beautycard. Ensure the number is correct and hit “submit” to complete activation.

Once you activate Super Drug Beauty Card Online Registration, you can begin shopping and accumulating points for later purchases. You’ll also begin receiving additional bonuses available only to Beautycard holders. You’ll need to wait to spend the points until after you receive confirmation that Beautycard registration was successful. This confirmation should arrive within 10 working days of the registration date. If you have questions regarding your card or do not receive registration confirmation, please call our Loyalty Helpline at 08445 464747.

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