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Track Your Sprint My Order Online

Sprint Nextel Communications began as Brown Telephone Company in 1899, and originally provided telephone service to the rural areas around Abilene, Kansas, in the United States. From their humble beginnings almost 115 years ago, Sprint became, and remains, one of the leading long distance telephone service providers in the United States.

Following the trend toward wireless and internet based services, Sprint is still an industry leader in wireless communication and internet technology. During the early 2000’s, Sprint became more active in the wireless communication arena, releasing the last of their land-based telecommunications holdings in 2006. They hung their Sprint Nextel shingle in 2005, when they merged with Nextel Communications. And, in 2013, following their acquisition by SoftBanq, the name returned simply to Sprint Corporation. In addition to the Sprint wireless services and their major stake in the internet carrier services, Sprint owns several subsidiaries that also provide wireless and internet. These include Clear, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and Assurance Wireless.

As a service to their 64.3 million wireless customers, they have an online storefront where users can choose service plans, or buy phones and accessories. Sprint’s website offers a customer service area, where cellular phone and mobile device users can track the status of their phone and accessory orders.

The My Order System

Sprint’s online customer service gateway is fast, convenient, and easy to use. It provides complete details of your order’s status and location, starting just 24 hours after you have placed your Sprint product order. This service just requires a computer with internet access, and the order number you wish to track.

  • Log on to www.sprint.com/myorder.
  • Enter your Sprint product order number into the field provided.
  • Click “Go.”

You will be directed to another page where your order information will be displayed with all the details of the order’s status. Users should be able to determine if their products are still processing, or have already shipped. Using the Sprint My Order system, customers will always know where their product is, and know when to expect delivery. The Sprint customer service site can also be used for choosing or changing your wireless service plan, adding or changing features or selecting a new phone or mobile device. Services other than the My Order tracking service will require a one-time registration that begins with entering your current Sprint wireless telephone number.

This is a comprehensive website that will be easy to use and adds convenience to Sprint’s list of customer service achievements.

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