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Create Skylight Banking Online Account

For over a decade, Skylight Financial, of NetSpend services, has been a leading innovator in the way in which employers manage their payroll to employees. They have engineered a system that is convenient, efficient, and paperless. Those individuals and employees who do not have previous banking interactions can receive payment in an easy, cost-effective way.

Skylight offers a prepaid SkyLight One card for payroll. Employees and employers can also put money into their Skylight Banking Account to pay bills and make financial transactions such as withdrawals from ATMs or credit card purchases. This is a simple way to handle your financial transactions without paying any hidden fees or waiting for bank bureaucracy to process your request. You can order a Skylight One Card to be sent to your home or office. Make sure to wait until you receive the permanent card to set up your online account, the initial card you receive is a temporary card. Once the permanent card arrives you can set up your Skylight banking account and begin handling your finances.

All you will need to set up an account is:

  • Email Address
  • Skylight Card Number
  • Personal Computer, Ipad, Tablet or Smart Phone
  • Internet Connection

Registering for a Skylight Banking online account is quick and easy:

  • Go to www.skylightonecard.com
  • Click “Get Started” located underneath the User ID section.
  • Type your Skylight One Card Number into the box provided.
  • Type in your Date of Birth.
  • Type in your Zip Code.
  • Enter and verify your email address and enter and confirm your password.
  • Create your security prompts and the hints to these prompts.
  • Click “Register.”

You will then receive a confirmation email containing a web address that will allow you to sign in and begin managing your money with your Skylight Banking Online account.

More and more companies seem to be using Skylight cards instead of direct deposit systems for their payroll. Receiving and sending payments through a Skylight card accelerates the payroll process and ensures that the payment is received. Skylight also offers a feature that allows you to deposit money into your account. Skylight One Cards and Online Banking accounts are an easy way to manage your personal and corporate finances.

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