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RBC Clients: How to Access RBC’s Online Banking in Three Easy Steps

Since RBC began trading, all the way back in 1864, this bank has grown to become one of North America’s best known and most trusted banking brands. RBC has a wealth of services that extend past your average bank. Whether you are interested in insurance, help with managing your money, or looking to capital markets worldwide, the team at RBC can help you. The team at RBC prides itself on its values of service, teamwork, responsibility, diversity, and integrity. The team at RBC sees itself as a vital part of local communities; that’s why you see RBC banks everywhere.

The face of RBC bank and the services it provides have changed greatly since the bank was established in 1864. While you can still seek service from a teller in a branch, you can also use the Internet to keep up with your payments and watch your bank balances. If you are looking to sign up to RBC Online Banking, read on and follow the simple process. You will be signed up in minutes.

Sign Up to RBC Online Banking

Type royalbank.ca into the address bar of your browser and head to the website. You will need to find the link that says “online services” and click it. From there, click “online banking.”

Next you will need to sign in to your account. If you are a registered member, simply enter your username and password. If you are a new member, you will need to click the option on the right that says “enrol online” to complete your registration. You will need to enter all personal details and submit them to the bank, along with the answers to some security questions. Then continue with this process, which usually takes 8-10 minutes, so be prepared.

RBC Client Identification

First you will be asked if you are signing up through a client card or a credit card, and you will then be asked to enter your card number. You will next be asked to enter your bank account number. Once this is done, click continue.

Personal and Product Security Questions

Enter your personal information into the next window. You will be asked to answer some security questions and you will need to provide the correct information to continue.

Online Banking Profile Setup

Finally, you will be asked to set up your online profile. Make sure you enter as much of the information as possible; making sure all fields are filled in not only saves time on this setup, but will save you time later.

Now you are set up for RBC Online Banking and may enjoy the benefits of banking online.

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