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Complete a Rite Aid Pharmacy Survey and Receive a Discount Coupon

Rite Aid Pharmacy is a Fortune 500 company that has drugstores located all across the United States. Headquartered in Pennsboro Township, Pa., the company has grown quickly, and it seems as though almost every community has a Rite Aid Pharmacy.

The pharmacy chain has joined a growing list of retailers who encourage customers to complete a survey after making a purchase. Surveys are quite beneficial to retailers, because they provide businesses with detailed information. This data helps them to better understand what customers like and dislike about their company. Results from customer survey programs often impact the decision making process for retailers at both the corporate and store level.

In order to promote their surveys and get a better response rate from customers, many retailers offer an enticing reward. The reward serves to increase participation and tempt more consumers to complete a survey. Rite Aid is among the companies who have rolled out a reward for participating in their survey program. Customers have the opportunity to earn a discount coupon good towards their next purchase as a thank you for completing a Rite Aid survey.

Steps to Getting a Discount Coupon

Upon making a purchase at a Rite Aid location, you will receive a receipt with a survey code printed at the bottom. This code is your key to gaining access to and completing the survey Go to the survey site, www.riteaid.com/storesurvey , and enter the 16 digit survey code from your receipt.

After you enter your code, you will be given access to the survey. The survey must be completed in its entirety with every question answered in order to be eligible for the discount coupon reward. Rite Aid simply asks that you be honest, and share your genuine thoughts and opinions about your recent visit to one of their retail locations. Rite Aid will use the information provided when making decisions about product offerings and store operations. The results are also used as a tool to assist with marketing and managerial decisions.

Upon completing the survey and submitting it, you will see an on-screen coupon for $3 off your next $15 purchase. You must print the coupon in order to redeem it. Once you receive your coupon, you’ll have 14 days to redeem it at any Rite Aid Pharmacy. Restrictions do apply to the coupon, and it can’t be used toward the purchase of tobacco, alcohol, stamps, prescriptions or lottery tickets. You can also read all of the additional details and restrictions before you redeem your discount coupon. The information will be printed on your coupon for easy reference.

Earning a $3 discount for only about 5 minutes of time is an easy and profitable offer, so there is no reason not to complete the survey. The new discount coupon program at Rite Aid will likely tempt more customers to participate in the survey program so they can receive a valuable discount coupon. Keep in mind, a Rite Aid purchase is required to receive a receipt with a valid survey code.

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