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Find A New Home Using Realtor.ca

I recently stumbled across a really great realty site while searching for a new rental home. At realtor.ca, you can search residential, commercial, and even international properties. Using a realtor, as opposed to a real estate agent is somewhat different. All realtors are real estate agents, but not all real estate agents are realtors. In order to be deemed a realtor, you must have a registered certification from The Canadian Real Estate Association. Not only are realtors bound by a strict code of ethics, but quality of service and knowledge usually separates them from mere real estate agents.

Your home is one of your most valuable possessions. You shouldn’t trust just anyone to assist you, whether buying a new home, or selling your existing one. With realtor.ca, you will be dealing with highly trained professionals, who undergo continuous training, and are proven to be ethical. Additionally, if you do happen to have a problem with your realtor, there is recourse. You can go directly to your local real estate board for assistance and dispute resolution.

  1. Using the www.realtor.ca website is easy and intuitive. From the landing page, click “residential properties” and you’ll be directed to a simple form where you can specify exactly what you’re looking for in a home or property.
  2. Enter the name of the neighborhood or city where you wish to reside.
  3. Next, specify whether you’re looking to rent or buy, and if you’re looking for a condo, regular residential, etc.
  4. You’ll also have the option to specify how many bedrooms and bathrooms you desire, and an acceptable price range.
  5. Once you’ve completed the form, simply press submit.

You’ll be directed to the terms and agreement page, which you must accept to continue with your search. If the website doesn’t find a property which meets your exact criteria, you’ll be presented with a world map where you can expand your search, or use the search box located on the left panel to try again by modifying your criteria.

The realtor.ca website even has a really cool mobile application that utilizes GPS to give you directions right to the front doors of homes you’d like to view in person. In addition, you can take advantage of quick links to contact the realtor representing the property, and even add open houses right to your calendar. I found the mobile features tremendously helpful with my search.

Another feature of realtor.ca I really enjoyed was the news page. It provides links to all of the association’s social networks account pages like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. There are also up-to-date news headlines to help you stay informed about the current state of the market. I highly recommend this website to anyone looking to rent or buy their next property in Canada.

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