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Photonotice Red Light Violation Video Online Access

No one likes getting stuck with a traffic ticket, especially if you’re not even sure what you have been cited for. Photonotice.com is a new online service that assists people who have received traffic citations in the mail by showing them exactly what the court says that they have done. Their service is fast, simple, and affordable; and it could help you avoid frustrating trips to court and nasty court costs. If you’ve received a citation by mail, don’t wait around. Try their service today!

Who are they?

A branch of Redflex Traffic Systems, www.Photonotice.com has built an online program that permits those who have received traffic citations in the mail to examine the red light camera recordings of their violations. All that a citation recipient simply has to do is enter his or her citation number and license plate number into their website and you will be given access to your own video. Among the complicated and often frustrating world of traffic court, there are lots of reasons you may want a video of your specific incident:

  • You can clarify any questions you may have about why they have received the citation in the first place.
  • You can bring your video to court as supporting evidence if you wish to contest your ticket.
  • If you believe that the court is in error, you can have proof to show them that you are not in the wrong!
  • Similarly, if you believe that someone else was driving your vehicle when the incident occurred, see for yourself and save yourself from the ramifications of any wrongdoing!

How do you get your video from Photonotice.com?

 There’s a fast and simple process for finding your video through their service. To get started, all you will need is the citation number, the city code number, and the license plate number of the vehicle in question, all of which should be on the citation. Then go to their website at photonotice.com and enter that information on the screen. After you’ve done this, click “log in.” Follow the instructions as they are given, followed by the payment instructions that are then provided. It’s that simple!

Don’t get bossed around or bullied by the court system into paying unnecessary fines or getting stuck with points on your license that you didn’t earn. Use Photonotice.com to see it with your own two eyes!



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