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Check High Speed DSL Availability With PeoplePC

PeoplePC is an Internet company that offers dial-up Internet service, DSL internet service, software, and tools to increase speed and security. PeoplePC also has a support center for members with live chat available right on their website.

With so many choice these days for internet, sometimes it can seem overwhelming to choose the right provider. Some larger companies offer great up-times and speed, but are a nightmare to deal with when you need customer service or tech support. Then you have the lower-end companies that offer great support, but mediocre connections at-best. PeoplePC is just the right combination of the two: they offer great customer service, while also offering competitive DSL speeds, and dial-up speeds faster than most other dial-up services.

Dial up Internet

Many people still need a good dial-up connection. PeoplePC’s dial-up Internet service is seven times faster than normal dial-up service. PeoplePC achieves this with their exclusive accelerator technology. They also have email virus protection, spam controls and pop-up blockers. You’re even given four email addresses, with up to 100mb storage each. The cost for all this is very fair, at only $7.47 per month for your first three months.


DSL is fifty times faster than dial-up, and highly recommended over dial-up if available in your area. You can still use your phone while using the Internet, so you don’t have to worry about annoying busy signals or random disconnects.

PeoplePC’s DSL offers a reliable connection with free 24/7 phone support. They include a great security pack to protect you online, and give you eight email addresses, with up to 100mb storage for each. The price for their service is extremely competitive, at only $14.95 for the first three months.

Software & Tools

PeoplePC’s list of software and tools that come free with your service is quite impressive. They include:

  • Spaminator – blocks junk email
  • Email Plus – provides extra email addresses and storage
  • PeoplePC Connection Software – faster, more reliable, dial-up service
  • PeoplePC Accelerator – surf faster
  • PeoplePC PeoplePal Toolbar – free browser add-on
  • PeoplePC Fine-Tune – improves your computer’s speed and performance
  • PeoplePC System Scanner – better PC performance and security
  • Internet Security Pack – security software
  • Norton 360 Online – commercial security product from Norton (I use this on my own PC and highly recommend it)
  • Norton Anti-Virus Online – the world’s most trusted anti-virus program
  • Norton for Mac – They have Mac users covered too
  • EarthLink Online backup – never lose a file again; this online backup tool will automatically backup your important files

I think you will find PeoplePC to be a professional Internet services company with a lot to offer. Check them out now at www.peoplepc.com.

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