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Watch PBS Kids Shows Online

There are tons of television shows you can access online for free today because of advancements in technology. Entertainment is always needed on your stressful days, and not just to occupy your time, because it’s also used for the purpose of occupying your children’s time so that you may have a little time to yourself. However, the kids television shows aren’t around anymore by the time most parents get home from work. Fortunately, there are many free options to watch PBS Kids shows online.

PBS, or the Public Broadcasting Service, is a non-profit television network that’s established in the United States. It is a popular network that’s known for providing the U.S. with various television stations, including, PBS News Hour, Frontline, Masterpiece, and Sesame Street. It has earned a reputation of being a highly trusted national TV institution.

Where Should You Watch PBS Kids Shows Online?

There are many options to choose from when picking a site to watch PBS Kids shows online. Out of your many options to watch PBS Kids shows online, there are a few that provide you with better variety than others. The following are a few select sites that will provide you with a plethora of PBS Kids shows for free:

  • ŸPBS Kids site
  • ŸWTTW Kids site
  • ŸSprout Online

PBS Kids Site

This is the obvious, go-to choice if you would like to watch PBS Kids shows online. The set-up of the page is bright, and engaging for children. It also has a side-panel that’s interactive, with pictures of characters from the shows available. Hovering your mouse over each face will make the character say the title of the show. The show’s include Curious George, the Cat and the Hat, and Dinosaur Train. http://pbskids.org/video/.

WTTW Kids Site

The set-up for this site is vastly similar to the PBS Kids site; although, it doesn’t have as much of a selection as the PBS site. In addition, the side-bar isn’t as interactive as well. Nevertheless, it does provide you with a good amount of episodes to watch. What it does have that the PBS site doesn’t is the option to make the screen bigger. Click here.

Sprout Online

Sprout online is another reliable website to watch PBS Kids shows from the comfort of your laptop or PC. There are a variety of shows to watch, including Bernstein Bears, Bob the Builder, and Lazy Town. The shows are show on the left side in alphabetical order for easier usability. http://www.sproutonline.com/videos/list.

Between these three websites, you have plenty of PBS Kids shows to choose from, so that you may entertain your children.


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