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Registering for an Orange Mobile Broadband Account in Under Two Minutes

Orange Mobile is part of EE, a merged company that brought telecommunications giants Orange Mobile and T-Mobile together three years ago. Customers familiar with Orange and T-Mobile will know the convenience and speed of being able to use 4G mobile and fibre broadband; the EE group is responsible for this. More than 27 million customers are signed up with the EE group as part of Orange and T-Mobile, and experience some of the world’s best data speeds and access, as well as great service when in contact with the company itself.

As part of the EE group, Orange has been part of the commitment to bring the speed of 4G mobile to a huge number of UK homes and businesses. Orange and T-Mobile customers can now get coverage across 98% of the UK, and more than 85 locations enjoy the fast service the EE group brings them. The goal for the company is to have more than 98% of the UK population in reach of these services – an increase from the 15 million households that already have fixed fibre broadband.

Join Up With Orange

Having your own Orange account not only means you get to enjoy 4G mobile services and fibre broadband, you also gain access to the wealth of services that are available online for the Orange customer base. The Orange website allows you to have things set up your way and stay on top of your account easily. With an online account you can check your usage, pay your bill, top up your credit card, change your personal details, and manage several numbers. If you are looking to set up your account, follow this simple guide.

First up, you’re going to want to head to www.Orange.co.uk/YourAccount to visit the official site. By browsing the Orange site, you’re agreeing to the use of cookies. From here, follow these quick few steps to sign up.

1) Below the initial preamble, click on the button that says “sign up.”
2) Next, enter your mobile number and answer the CAPTCHA security question.
3) Enter your personal details as instructed by Orange on the following page. This is a private and confidential service that you can trust; the Orange website is safe and your information is safe with the company.

That’s all you need to do. Simply confirm your registration and you will be ready to use the Orange system online.

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