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Create University of New Mexico Account to Get Courses

Students enrolled with the University of New Mexico are required to have a NetID for general student business needs such as checking financial aid packages, participating in online class functions, and registering for classes. It is necessary to create a University of New Mexico account to get courses required for the students’ undergraduate or graduate degree. The UNM NetID can be created upon acceptance into the University, and can be done before attending student orientation.

Creating Your UNM NetID

All students must be admitted to the University for one day before attempting creation of their NetID. For a student enrolled in the University’s School of Medicine, a NetID will be automatically created by a Health Sciences staff member. Contact the Help Desk of the Health Sciences department by calling 272-1694 if you have questions; do NOT activate your own NetID account if you fall into this category.

Students will need to memorize their NetID and password once it is created. Your new UNM email will be automatically created once your NetID is finalized, and this email account will be used by your professors and other departments for communication needs. To create your NetID:

  • Visit netid.unm.edu to begin the registration process.
  • Select the blue button indicating you are a new student, and complete the steps below to enter your student information.
  • Remember by registering for your NetID you are bound by the UNM Acceptable Computer Use Policy. Failure to comply with the policy and other conditions could result in disciplinary action.

Enrolling In Classes

You must first create your University of New Mexico Account to get courses and other resources through the school. Once the account and your NetID have been set up, you are able to enroll in classes for each semester. The registration portal is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Login to your UNM account at my.unm.edu.
  • Select the appropriate term for your class registration.
  • Once you have selected a class, complete the required registration information to complete enrollment. You will receive a confirmation email which will include Professor information and start dates for the course.

Be aware that all administrative, academic, or advisement holds must be cleared by your advisor prior to enrollment. A $10.00 fee is charged for all late transactions including course changes and course drops. Students are only allowed to register for 18 credit hours maximum during Fall and Spring semesters. For more assistance regarding in creating a University of New Mexico account to get courses, check financial aid status, or setting up an email account, please contact the University Registrar’s Office at (800) CALL-UNM.

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