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Activate A Best Buy Reward Zone Account Online

In the ever constant changing world of electronics it is nice to be able to go to one store to find all the newest phones, games, video players, televisions, movies, etc. Best Buy is one of these stores as they have all of these items and many more. The founders, Richard M. Schulze and Gary Smoliak, originally opened a store in 1966 but they primarily specialized in audio entertainment. In 1983 they renamed their store Best Buy and decided to place more emphasis on consumer electronics instead. Today it is one of the leading electronic stores in North America with locations popping up around the world including in such places as Great Britain, China and the Caribbean.

Join the Best Buy Reward Zone Program and Reap the Benefits!


Best Buy customers will notice the great deals offered on many products but you can receive even more savings by becoming a Reward Zone program member.

  • Earn Points and Gain Dollar Rewards – When you become a Reward Zone member you will earn 1 point for almost every 1 dollar you spend at either a Best Buy location or their online store. After you reach 400 points you will receive a 5 dollar reward certificate that you can use on nearly anything you purchase at a Best Buy store.
  • More Advantages – As a member you will also receive welcome offers, special offers, and access to contests and in-store events.

Not only is it easy to join the Best Buy Reward Zone program but it is entirely free! To ensure that your membership doesn’t expire all you have to do is make one purchase per year.

Activate a Best Buy Reward Zone Account Online

The first step is to open this page and register an account: https://myrewardzone.bestbuy.com/

After becoming a member you should set up a Best Buy Reward Zone account online. Having an account allows you to check your points balance, check out all the member only offers and view and print certificates. And setting up an account online is easy!

  • Enter your ID – as you are already a Reward Zone member you simply need to put the ID number on the back of the card in the column where it says ‘Sign In’. If you can’t find the ID number simply put in your email address.
  • Enter your Password – next you simply need to put in your password, which is the same one you created when you signed up for the Reward Zone program.

You are now ready to manage your account and take advantage of the savings Best Buy has to offer its members.


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