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Activate Your MyPanera Card Online and Start Earning Rewards

If you or anyone you know has enjoyed some of the delicious eats at Panera Bread, then you already know that returning again is all but a certainty. The food there is absolutely delicious and if you make Panera a regular stop, then getting a MyPanera Card is a must. Once you’ve completed an order at one of Panera’s restaurants you can ask for a MyPanera Card. Remember, however, that this card won’t provide you with any of its benefits if you don’t activate it first. So, once you have received your MyPanera Card, you will need to find a computer with internet access to set up activation and to start getting rewarded for all of your Panera meals and purchases as soon as possible.

What Do I Get From A MyPanera Card?

 With a MyPanera Card, every time you use your card, you have a chance to win free gifts from Panera Bread. After you have used your MyPanera Card a few times, the store will keep track of what you have purchased, giving you rewards points that you can then use for future meals. You will start receiving personalized rewards in no time. You may also keep in-store credit on the card to make every trip to Panera as simple as it is tasty.

 Activating Your MyPanera Card

1)      Go to www.mypanera.com and click on the “Register To Join MyPanera” button. You will then see a screen asking you if you have a card to register, click on the “yes” option.

2)      Enter your 12 digit MyPanera Card number and registration code that can be found on the bottom of the back of the card, as indicated by the on-screen picture.

3)      Once that information is entered, you will click “continue” and there will be a section for you to enter your billing information and account settings. They will ask for your phone number, but don’t worry about getting calls from telemarketers. The phone number is only used to verify that you are a MyPanera Card owner in case you don’t have it on you at the time of your order. You will want to make sure you have an email address for them to send you the rewards.

4)      At this point, it’s as simple as going to any one of Panera Bread’s locations and seeing what you are eligible to win. Make sure you tell the person taking your order that you have MyPanera Card before you complete it and they’ll make sure that your rewards points are applied to your purchase.


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