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Sign Up at New York My Benefits to Get Health Insurance

The State of New York offers a great online resource for anyone who is currently receiving benefits or those seeking public assistance. The New York My Benefits website allows users to access their benefits and manage their account from any computer with internet capability, and link to additional resources like the Department of Labor, United States Social Security Administration, or the Consumer Protection Board. Users can even sign up at New York My Benefits to get health insurance through Medicaid, Family Health Plus, or EPIC.

Signing Up is Easy

Signing up for the New York My Benefits website gives access to other great services as well, but the site does state clearly that, when you register, you may not use an account created for another NYS application, like unemployment assistance, or the Department of Motor Vehicles. Users can look into their eligibility for health insurance, public assistance programs or tax credits. They can also check the cash or SNAP balance of their EBT account, view their transaction history, or activate a new card.

Residents of New York that want to apply for benefits, continue or track an application, recertify benefits or report changes to their status or personal profile, can set up an account with just a few easy steps.

  • Send your browser to www.mybenefits.ny.gov.
  • From the home page, find the button on the right, marked “New Users” and select it.
  • On the following page, you’ll be asked to enter your first, middle, and last name in the corresponding fields.
  • Next, create a user ID and password. Remember to use good password practices.
  • Enter the graphic security code that proves you’re not a computer.
  • Finally, choose a secret question and supply an answer that will be used to recover your login information.
  • Click “Next.”

The next page confirms your registration and instructs you to log in to begin using the automated account system.

Now that you’re logged in, take another look at the home page, where you’ll find the additional resources links to SSA and Department of Labor. Here, you’ll also find links to New York State Office of the Aging, Victims Services, and links where you can register to vote, or read a brochure about using EBT benefits. Under the Programs section, you’ll find links to various public programs that you may be eligible for, like health insurance, tax credits and Veteran’s Affairs.

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