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Low Income Michigan Residents: How to Access MI Bridges and Apply for Benefits

The Michigan Assistance and Referral Service provides information about services provided by the Michigan state government that may help families in need with assistance for daycare, nutritional, food, and medical expenses, temporary cash or other expenses. If you are in need of one of these government services, the Michigan Assistance and Referral Service will help you determine if your household may be eligible.

The Michigan Assistance and Referral Service uses the MI Bridges service to deliver information about their policies and benefits, and to also allow citizens to apply for assistance online. If you would like to know more about the MI Bridges service, head to www.michigan.gov/mibridges.

The home page is where you will initially land. Here you can see a number of options to choose from. First you will need to figure out if you are eligible for support. Click the “Am I eligible?” button for assistance.

Am I Eligible?

The next few pages will take you through eligibility requirements. Please note: after the Welcome page, each page has instructions followed by a horizontal table in which the user enters information on each member of the household. Each row is for one individual. To aid users with screen reader software, a title has been given to each data entry control that the software can read. It identifies the row and column you are in. The exception to this is combo box controls (also known as drop-down boxes). The first option in the list identifies what you will be selecting. As you go through, clicking the “Continue” button will save the information on that page and take you to the next page. This is the only way to save the information. Clicking the “Go Back” button will take you to the previous page. If you click “Go Back” before you click “Continue” the information you input will not be saved.

How to Apply For Benefits

If the system clears you as eligible for benefits, click on the option labeled “apply for benefits” on the home page and head through to the next page to continue the process. On next page you have the option start a new application to apply for online benefits. There are a lot of options here – make sure you choose what suits you and what you are eligible for.
You will need to create an account to continue, if you haven’t already. From here, fill out the online form, including your personal details. Create a username and password for the system and then create a security question for later login attempts.
The final step is to click on the link to create an account and submit your application for the MI Bridges card.

If you require further assistance, phone 1-855-275-6424 (1-855-ASK-MICH).

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