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Map Quest: All Top Features Bring More to Maps

If you’ve used Map Quest to find the best way from here to there, you’ve only gotten started with one of the Internet’s favorite tools. There are a myriad of options and features that will make mapping more fun, easier, and more specific to your needs.

Start with the new free Map Quest tool bar, which is available on the Map Quest site. When downloaded it will provide instantaneous access to all the maps and the directions and information on live traffic that you will need. It works on both the Windows and Mac OS X systems and will allow you to add your favorite sites so you can check the traffic conditions in a single mouse click.

Drive Like a Local Using Map Quest Features

Map Quest also offers other solutions for travelers that will help them not only get where they are going, but will also help them plan what to do once they get there.

The Lodging button above the map, for example, will point out the hotels, motels, cabins, resorts, and bed and breakfast inns available in the area using a blue pin. On the left will be a description of each. The following buttons use much the same format for the following categories:

•   The Restaurant and Bars button will pinpoint types of restaurants, such as fast food,  and the restaurant cuisine, including Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and such.

•   The Travel Services button shows more than just where the airport is located. It also lists gas stations, public transit stations, oil and lube and auto repair shops, rest areas, parking garages, and even roadside attractions.

•   Shopping includes groceries, florists, shopping centers and malls, outlets, office supplied, and auto dealers.

•   The Activities button is a popular one for those visiting a new area and points out such fun stops as amusement parks, movie theaters, parks, bowling centers, zoos, casinos, and golf courses.

•   Local services include hospitals, post offices, banks, ATMs, drug stores, dry cleaners, libraries, churches, and schools.

•   The Search button allows you to specialize your search if you know the specific name of the place you are searching for.

Within the map are two buttons that allow different views of the map. The Live Traffic selection shows traffic conditions, such as construction, as well as where traffic cameras are located. The Map/Satellite button will toggle between the illustrated map to an overhead satellite view with the street names labeled.

Find where you are going and know the landscape better and in more detail by using Map Quest all top features at www.mapquest.com.

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