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How to Access Support and Downloads for Logitech Mice, Keyboards and Other Products

Logitech has a huge range of home technology products that are universally loved. Logitech customers worldwide cherish their favorite Logitech items – the harmony remote, keyboard or mouse, headset, webcam, audio system and more. But sometimes technology has a way of letting us down, and we need to find ways to get it back up and running so it can be useful again. Logitech understands that when something goes wrong, you need a place you can go to find quick, easy and simple to understand instructions and troubleshooting. That’s where the Logitech support center comes in. If you’re looking for a download or support to help you get your Logitech product back on track, read on.

How to Get Support From Logitech

Before you start looking for support on the Logitech website, have a detailed description of your product or device handy. Have the product with you if possible, and have the model number with you if you cannot.

Head to www.logitech.com/downloads. There is an option on this landing page to change your location to match your region and to change the site’s display language.

This page shows a whole list of different styles of Logitech product. You can either choose from this list to find help and downloads, or you can enter your product’s model number into the search bar.

If you don’t have a model number available to you, click on the type of product you are looking for help with and select it. On the next page you will see a long list of products – choose the specific model you are seeking help with and click on that.
On the next page you will see a landing page called “Support” – this is specific to the product you have searched for. Logitech has filled this section with a lot of useful links to help you get the best out of your product. You will see FAQs – which are a very good place to start – as well as a few how-to guides, reference information such as support documents, and troubleshooting information for when you run into issues using your Logitech product. On this page you will also see product documentation, replacement parts information and details about warranties on the product you have selected.

By clicking over to the tabs next to support, you will also be able to look for downloads for your product, and troubleshooting information. If all else fails, click through to “contact us” and get in touch with the Logitech team for help.

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