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Set Up Comcast.net Account Access

Once you become a Comcast customer, Comcast makes it easy for you to get information about your account or solutions to your problems by accessing your account online. You can generally do this without having to spend time waiting for a customer service representative on a phone or going to a service center. This online portal is a free service to all Comcast customers, and you only have to follow a few simple steps.

Creating Your Comcast ID

There is an easy process to set up your Comcast.net account access. You will need a bill and your Comcast ID. If you do not already have one, you can get it through this link: https://login.comcast.net/myaccount/create-uid?execution=e2s1.

Once at the Create ID site, you will need your billing account number and either the street address or phone number to get your Comcast ID. You can also use the last four numbers of your social security number as an alternate method.

Look Up Your Lost or Forgotten Information

If you had a Comcast ID but lost or cannot remember the information, you can retrieve it at this link: https://login.comcast.net/myaccount/lookup?execution=e1s1.

The Look Up ID option will require the same information as when you were creating your Comcast ID to verify your identity:

  • Billing account number
  • Street address or telephone number
  • Last four digits of your social security as an alternate method


Once you have all the required steps completed in creating your Comcast ID, you will have to select a password for your account. In case you should forget your password, you should also select a secret question that will help to retrieve it. That is all that is required to set up your Comcast.net account access.

If you should forget your password, you will only need your email address or Comcast ID to change your password from this link: https://login.comcast.net/forgotpwd/reset?execution=e2s1. Once prompted, you will have to enter a distorted security code and then answer your secret question to reset your information.

Customer Service

There are certain situations when you will want to contact a representative. In that case, you can chat online with one at this link: https://www.comcastsupport.com/chatentry/.

Enjoy Your Comcast

Comcast and Xfinity gives you access to thousands of movies, Internet and phone services that you can enjoy from home or from your choice of devices. Simply register your devices on the Comcast site and you will be empowered to surf, watch movies and communicate as never before.

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