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Sign Up at LinkedIn and Apply for a Job

LinkedIn Links You with Employers

Professionals looking to move up in their career have the world of corporate headhunters at their fingertips with the job-hunting services available on www.LinkedIn.com.

LinkedIn, far from merely being a social media site where you post the latest picture of your vacation, is a professional networking site geared to the interaction between those on a career track and the companies looking for individuals to fill gaps in their hierarchy.

Companies and individuals regularly rely on LinkedIn for job hunting and hiring, networking, research, and to maintain contact with affiliates in industry, academia, and other business-related groups.

To sign up at  LinkedIn and apply for a job is free and easy. New users will need to complete a profile that can accent the areas of expertise the individual most wants to market. Then they can search for co-workers, schoolmates, former employers, clients, and others to begin building a network that will help get their name noticed by employers.

Companies Regularly Search for New Employees Using LinkedIn

Companies such as Ebay, Microsoft, Target, and Netflix regularly use LinkedIn to find candidates for openings. One reason it is becoming increasingly popular as a hiring tool is it allows companies to take advantage of the networks established by current employees as a marker of quality new candidates.

Joining LinkedIn has almost become a requirement for professionals in any field of endeavor. All Fortune 500 companies are represented, as are hundreds of other companies and their hiring managers. Headhunters frequently look to LinkedIn to find prospects they then can contact to start the regular hiring process. Companies also will simply list jobs you can access through the LinkedIn job listing section.

LinkedIn Makes Job Hunting Easy

For your part as a job hunter, the steps to gain exposure to those headhunters are simple:

  • In creating a profile, be sure to add a professional-grade photo of yourself and concentrate on using keywords and skills that will get you noticed by the right people.
  • Build your network by connecting with others in your field, preferably those you know and trust.
  • Ask for recommendations from your peers. This can be done passively by simply indicating which skills you have. Members of your network will be given the chance to agree.
  • Once you sign up at LinkedIn and apply for a job through its job listing section, your availability likely will be noted down your network chain.

Hunting for a great career move today has become much more simple and direct. Your search area is widened automatically when you sign up at LinkedIn and apply for a job.

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