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Kellogg’s Fans: How to Get a Free Snack Product Coupon

It’s hard to believe that the delicious taste of Kellogg’s original Corn Flakes have been around for more than 100 years. Millions of people have grown up with a bowl of Corn Flakes in front of them each morning and Kellogg’s has expanded into 18 countries where their signature taste is created. What’s the best part about this delicious history? The iconic Corn Flake was a mistake! WK Kellogg and his brother Dr John Harvey were trying to make granola when they flaked wheat berry and created the taste we know and love today.

Kellogg’s, the company, has expanded from 44 employees in 1906 to factories in 18 countries servicing 180 countries with Kellogg’s delicious tasting breakfast cereals. Whether you love the traditional taste of Corn Flakes, the goodness of Bran Flakes or All-Bran, or the fruity flavor of Raisin Bran, there’s a breakfast favorite for everyone in the Kellogg’s family.

These days Kellogg’s has expanded as the world has gotten busier, moving into the world of cereal bars, squares, and crisps—on-the-go food for eating on the run. Kellogg’s has developed the Special K range of crisps, which come in cinnamon brown sugar and chocolate crisp. They have also made wholesome Nutri Grain bars in delicious “superfruit” flavors such as cherry pomegranate. Finally, the kids will love Rice Krispies with Granola, especially seeing as they are either cocoa or strawberry flavor!

But these little snacks can provide you with more than just a quick meal; they can also turn into more snacks! All you have to do is collect your coupons and then redeem the codes online to receive free stuff.

Redeem Your Free Product Coupons

1) Visit www.kelloggs.ca/snackpromo.
2) Enter the PIN numbers given to you in specially marked Kellogg’s packaging.
3) Pick your favorite Kellogg’s product and select it on the screen.
4) Wait patiently for the mail, and a coupon will arrive for you to spend on your favorite Kellogg’s product next time you shop.

Kellogg’s has a firm belief that starting the day with a proper breakfast will help anyone succeed. Eating a healthy breakfast allows you to stay more focused and alert at home or in school, and eating a meal will stop you from wanting to snack on foods that are high in fat and sugar before you get to lunchtime. Choose a breakfast product by Kellogg’s and you’re bound to have a good day.

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