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Log In To Get Vodafone My Photo Access Online

Vodafone is the industry leader and innovator in mobile and internet communications. Without expensive and lengthy contracts, you will enjoy a wide variety of benefits and services with Vodafone. If you or your business needs a flexible communication system, Vodafone can provide you with mobile email, mobile broadband, and a variety of phones to keep you connected.

Vodafone offers the full spectrum of phones, from ones that simply connect you with others via phone calls or text-only messages or ones that can send and receive photo, sound, and video messages. Only phones that are equipped with cameras can capture and send messages with photos and sound and video clips, known as Multi Media Messages (MMS). If your phone is not camera-equipped and cannot display MMS, do not fear for Vodafone will not leave you in the dark. Vodafone will send you a text message with information on how to login online to see your photo, sound, or video messages. Vodafone will store your Multi Media Message for free for thirty days. If you wish to save your photo, sound, or video clip, please save it elsewhere before the thirty day expiration.

Vodafone’s Free Online Get My Photo Service

From a internet-connected PC or tablet computer, go to www.getmyphoto.vodafone.co.uk. This website address will be included in the text you receive notifying you of your MMS.

  • Enter your mobile phone number without any spaces. Enter the number as you would calling within the UK.
  • Enter the password that was included in the text message you received, and click “Login.”
  • If you have lost this password, click the link below the password field that states “click here to retrieve current password.”

Using Vodafone’s Get My Photo access online has its benefits too. For every message you receive in Get My Photo, you get a free message! You can use your free message to reply to the sender or forward the message to someone else. Free messages, along with your Multi Media Message, will expire after thirty days. You do not need to use your free messages right away, just within thirty days. However, if you delete your MMS before using your free message, your free message will be deleted as well.

With Vodafone and Get My Photo online access, not only can you receive your Multi Media Messages online, you can send email messages with photos, sound, and video clips to email addresses supported by this service. Currently, Vodafone services:

  •  Outlook 2003
  •  Apple Mail 1.3.11
  •  Mozilla Mail 1.7.10
  •  Thunderbird 1.06
  •  Outlook Express 6.0
  •  Outlook Express 5.0
  •  Gmail
  • Hotmail
  • All Yahoo versions, including yahoo.co.uk

Vodafone keeps you connected to your Multi Media Messages with Get My Photo online access. Any time day or night, you can receive and reply to your messages online. Vodafone will keep you connected wherever you are. From our mobile broadband to our mobile handheld devices, we will keep you in touch.

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