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Do You Own a Ford? How to Access Service Coupons and Rebates Online

The world famous Ford Motor Company has been in business since 1903, when Henry Ford decided to spend the then-princely sum of $28,000 putting his automotive business together. The first sale of Ford’s Model A was in July of that year. The company has grown by true leaps and bounds since then, and Ford is now one of the largest companies in the world, servicing most of the known world with its sturdy, well produced vehicles.

Over the past decade, Ford has built a large online presence, and now many of the activities that required you to visit a dealership can now be completed online. One of these activities is accessing service coupons and finding rebates. If you are submitting a rebate request online, all you will need is access to an internet-capable computer and a bit of information about your vehicle

Submit a Rebate Request

To start, point your browser at fordowner.com/rebates and load the page. On the right hand side, there will be a text box that says “Get Your Rebates” – click on this button to get started. On this next page you will have to enter some information about your vehicle. First, enter the last date of service, followed by the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and then include information about your servicing dealer.

Further instructions will pop up on the next page. Make sure you fill in everything to the best of your ability to speed up the rebate process. Rebates take a long time to fill, and if you do not provide Ford with all the vital information required, you may find that your rebate request gets held up in the queue.

After you have submitted your rebate claim online, you will get updates about your rebate claim from Ford via email. This is a very slow process that customers should not expect to come through within a manner of days. Ford says it takes an average of six to eight weeks for a rebate check to be returned to a customer who claims online, so please be patient. Further advice on filing a rebate claim suggests that you can download mail-in forms that you post yourself, but unfortunately, this process takes six to 12 weeks to complete, so you are much better off going through the website and being patient than you are writing to Ford directly asking for help.

For any queries questions or issues on the website, please visit www.corporate.ford.com/owner-services/customer-support. This is a FAQ section that can help with any obstacles you may encounter.

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