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Sign Up for Flickr to Access Your Photo Management System

Flickr is a major photo sharing community acquired by Yahoo! in 2005. It is in fact one of the world’s largest such communities, with billions of photos having already been uploaded onto their site.

Membership Counts

Every member in Flickr gets one terabyte of data free on their servers. This is equivalent to about half a million average photographs. The only limits are on how much and how often you can upload data, but the cap is removed for Pro Account members. A free account allows up to 100MB upload every month.

Not only can you upload photos and videos, but you can also connect to others you know and use the online services to alter, enhance or embellish your photos.

You don’t have to be a Flickr member to view the photos, but you have to be one to upload.

Apps Everywhere

Flickr apps are on GooglePlay and iTunes so you can load them onto your mobile device of choice. Once you have the Flickr app and your membership, you can easily upload your images from your mobile device directly to Flickr.

Getting Hooked on Flickr

So how do you sign up with Flickr for awesome access to the best photo management system around? Well, a Yahoo! account is good, and so is a Google or Facebook account. The Flickr site will request you to sign in or sign up. In addition to the previous options, you will have to provide your mobile phone (which is not optional) and a few other optional requests. This is not difficult.

The idea behind Flickr using either an existing Yahoo! or Google or Facebook account to login is the OpenID initiative. If you already have one or more of those accounts, why create a new username and password you will have to remember?

Benefits of Flickr

You can add captions. You can play around with filters or other photographic enhancements. You can share your photos with everyone by making them public, or you can reserve your photos for close friends or specially invited acquaintances. This is where the Guest Pass comes in. The Guest Pass lasts as long as you want it to, and allows someone you send it to in an e-mail message to access your private photo contents.

Another great function is that you can describe and organize your photos. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s another way to socialize. So go ahead and sign up at www.flickr.com

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