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Renew License at Florida Health Source

Are you a practicing health professional? All practicing health professionals in Florida are required to maintain a valid license.  The licenses are issued upon successful completion of testing, usually after a course of study has been completed and valid for a period of time.  When the license expires, it will be up to you, the licensed individual, to renew said license.  The Florida Health Center offers many convenient renewal options for your licensing needs.

Florida Health Source

The Florida Department of Health, headquartered at Tallahassee, is the sole responsible authority for public health within the state.

Before You Renew

You will need to have the following in order to renew your license at www.flhealthsource.com:

  • A computer with a fast and secure internet connection and up to date browser
  • User ID – the user ID will be in bold and can be found on the middle section of the online document, or in the bottom of the mailed letter
  • Have all personal and job related information ready before you start the process
  • Before you begin the renewal process, ensure that you verify your employment using your old license information
    • Select ‘Verify your license’
    • Fill in required details, select the provider and follow the instructions on screen to complete the verification process
    • Once verification is completed, go to the home page and click in ‘Renew your license’

Note: A fee is required for license renewal. Upon applying for license renewal, the fee must be paid by the date provided; else, you will be charged additional fees and/or penalties.

How to Renew Your License at Florida Health Source

Once you have all the information you need on hand, navigate to http://www.flhealthsource.com/.

You will see a few options as follows:

  • Verify a License
  • Apply for Initial Licensure
  • Renew My License

If you have not yet verified your license (see above), complete that process before you move on to the renewal of your license.

  • Select your professional specialty
  • Enter your User ID and password
  • Click on ‘Sign in using our secure server’
  • Follow the instruction on screen to complete the renewal process.

Because Florida requires licensing to practice as health provider, it is your job to make sure your license is up to date.  Florida Health Source makes it easy to renew your license keep yourself in good standing.


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