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Signing up for ESPN Insider access on ESPN.com

Whether it’s you and bunch of the guys at the office or a group of friends trying to one up each other on who can put together the perfect winning combination of NFL sports all stars, you certainly wouldn’t mind having the upper hand, right? So you want an inside track on your fantasy football league? With ESPN Insider access, you will never be out of the loop again. Becoming an ESPN Insider is the best way to get ahead of the game in your fantasy sports leagues and office bracket pools. According to ESPN’s Fantasy Football data, Insiders are 51% more likely to win their fantasy football leagues. You can start your ESPN Insider membership with a 30-day trial, where you get to enjoy all the luxuries of being an Insider, completely free of charge!

What kind of benefits do I receive from becoming an Insider?

 As an Insider, you will have all the information you could possibly need to put together a dominating fantasy football team. For starters, you will be able to personalize your draft tools, allowing you to customize what information you are presented with during the draft. Once your team is assembled, you will gain access to roster advice and exclusive recommendations that only other Insiders know about. The weekly cheat sheet gives you a breakdown of the week’s NFL action and what it means to you as a fantasy owner.

How do I sign up for ESPN Insider Access?

 1)      On your web browser, go to www.espn.com

2)      On the upper right-hand corner of the page, click on “register” in order to create an account. You must have an account on espn.com in order to sign up for Insider Access. If you have a Facebook account, you can simply link that account to espn.com, and there’s no need to make a new one.

3)      Once you’ve made an account, you will then be asked to put in your PayPal or credit card information. If you are signing up for the 30-day free trial, you will still need to enter this information. If you reach the end of your trial and decide that you would no longer like to maintain your Insider membership, you will have to cancel the subscription to avoid being charged.

4)      From there, all you will need is a valid email address so that they can send you updates.

You are now all set to get your Insider access to exclusive articles, analysis, and features on espn.com.

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