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Access DMV Utah to Process Renewal of Vehicle Registration

Utah state law requires residents to register their vehicles annually in order to drive or park on state roads. Drivers are also responsible for maintaining a minimum amount of insurance coverage.

You can access DMV Utah to process renewal of your vehicle registration either online, in person, or via mail. It is helpful to review information regarding renewal or new registration of your vehicle before you receive your renewal request.

General Guidelines for Vehicle Registration

For vehicles previously unregistered due to recent purchases or relocations, drivers must apply for new registration. Full details on how to apply for are available via the DMV Utah vehicle registration website section on car registration. Vehicle registration is required for non-operational vehicles that will be parked on public roads. If the vehicle will be parked on private property, registration renewal is not required.

As renewal time approaches, the DMV will send out a notice providing details on keeping your vehicle registration current. Information includes taxes and fees for the type of vehicle, safety and emissions certificates requirements if applicable, and a personal PIN number. Drivers can sign up to have registration renewal notices submitted to them via email.

Accessing DMV Utah to Process Renewal of Vehicle Registration

There are several ways to access DMV Utah to process renewal of your vehicle registration. If you did not receive a renewal notice by either mail or email, contact the DMV at (800) DMV-UTAH to gather the required information for renewal.

Renew Online:

  • Collect your renewal notice, safety and emissions certificates if needed, and a major credit card.
  • Sign on at http://dmv.utah.gov to Renewal Express and enter your license plate and PIN number provided on your renewal notice.
  • Complete the step by step process online and print out your temporary registration certificate. A permanent registration certificate and decals will arrive in approximately two weeks.

Renew in Person:

  • Gather your renewal notice, or Visit your local DMV office with the required paperwork and vehicle fees. An appointment is not necessary, though it could save you time if you live in a highly populated area.
  • Registration certificate and decals will be given to you at the office.

Renew by Mail

Mail your renewal notice, safety and emissions certification, and a check for all applicable fees to:
Utah State Tax Commission

Motor Vehicle Division
210 North 1950 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84130

Expect registration certificate and decals to arrive in the mail in about two weeks.

Once registration is received, affix the decals to your rear license plate immediately, and place the certificate inside your car to present should you be pulled over. After that, your vehicle will be ready to return to the streets for another year.



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