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Learn To Play Crosswords Puzzle At Dictionary.com

Dictionary.com is a leading online dictionary that offers more than just definitions. Several word games, available at no cost on the site, give you a chance to use and increase your vocabulary in a fun learning environment. Word games for all ages can be found at Dictionary.com.

It’s easy to learn to play crossword puzzles at Dictionary.com. With your internet connection and PC, go to www.dictionary.com and click on “Word Games.”

  • When you are redirected to the Word Games page, click on “Daily Crossword.”
  • Next, the daily puzzle will appear.
  • Click on “Help” in the puzzle box and you will be shown a tutorial.

The tutorial goes into as little, or a much, depth as you need. The basics include:

  • “Quick Instructions” give you the basics of playing crosswords, including how to choose whether your entry will go in the ACROSS or DOWN orientation.
  • “Mouse Controls” instruct you on how to activate a particular square in the puzzle as well as change orientation from ACROSS to DOWN and vice versa.
  • “Keyboard Controls” help you use your keyboard, including moving the active letter in the desired direction and deleting/correcting mistakes.

These instructions are enough to get you started and it’s a quick way to learn to play crosswords at Dictionary.com. Further down in the tutorial, you will find more advanced concepts that you can explore.

  • Skill Levels: given your skill level at playing crosswords, you may wish to switch from “Regular” player to “Master” for a greater challenge. The Regular level is the default setting and helps you along by offering an incorrect answer signal by highlighting an incorrect word in red, as well as giving you the option to ask for solutions to clues. The Master level increases the challenge by disabling these options: all letters will appear in black and it’s entirely up to you to solve the puzzle.
  • Options and Printing: the Options button lets you choose your skill level, adjust game volume and music, pause and restart the game, show or hide the clock and more. When you’ve finished a puzzle, you are given the option of saving and printing it.
  • Saving and Play History lets you save a puzzle in progress as well as activate the SOLVE option.
  • Play Tips helps you beat the clock by teaching you how to use the keyboard instead of the mouse for greater speed.

It’s very easy to get started playing crosswords puzzles on Dictionary.com with their easy-to-follow instructions. Dictionary.com is more than just a place to find definitions and synonyms. It’s a great place to exercise your brain, too!

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