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You Can Win In The Daily Mail £1 Million Online Promotion

If you live in England, or even if you don’t, you have probably heard of the Daily Mail. Founded in 1896 by Lord Northcliffe, the Daily Mail is one of Britain’s most famous and widely-read newspapers. What began as a tabloid for the new readers of the middle classes has become England’s second most popular source for news every day of the week. It also has the distinction of being the only paper in the United Kingdom whose readership is more than 50% female. The Mail’s readership grows more every day. It even includes dedicated Scottish and Irish branches, as well as independent groups devoted to India, continental Europe, and an online homepage for its American readers.

As the preeminent conservative voice in the media of the UK, the Daily Mail reaches millions of individuals every day. But they always want to reach more. With that in mind, the Daily Mail has recently begun a massive, nation-wide promotion to increase reader awareness. There is a lot of money that you can win in the Daily Mail £1 million online promotion.

How to win

Every day a reader of the Daily Mail will have the opportunity to win £5000. Here’s how it works:

  • Pick up your copy of the Daily Mail.
    • Look on the back for the “Mail Rewards Club” box. There, you will find five lines, each containing six numbers.
    • With those in mind, log on to the internet, go to www.dailymail.co.uk/promotions, and click on the link for the “£1 Million Daily Mail Daily Lottery.”
    • Get the day’s numbers from the site, and try to match them with the digits on your copy of the Mail. Remember, all the matching numbers have to be from a single row to win.
    • If only five of the numbers match, don’t worry. That means you still win £50.
      • If all six of the numbers in one row match those on the website, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve just won the day’s prize.
      • Return to the Daily Mail lottery website, and look for the number to call: 0844-800-0812.
      • Make sure that you call the number to claim your prize before 7 PM (GMT), and have your complete copy of the paper with you.
      • Then go spend that cash!

When someone claims the prize, the reward for the next day resets to £5000. But if no one comes to claim it before 7 PM, the prize amount rolls over to the next day. That means that every time someone fails to check their copy of the Daily Mail, the amount you can win in the Daily Mail £1 million online promotion gets that much bigger. Good luck!

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