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Sign Up At Craigslist For Easier Posting

The average person that you pass on the street has probably heard of craigslist.org. The website was originally founded in 1995 as an email list of local events in San Francisco. Craig Newmark, the founder, passed control of the company on to Jim Buckmaster in 2000. While the company is for-profit, they still maintain the .org domain as a symbol of the “relatively non-commercial nature, public service mission, and non-corporate culture of craigslist.”  Accessible in 70 countries and several different languages, craigslist supports job listings, sales and donations of personal items, and forums for discussions.

People use craigslist for all kinds of things, obviously, but one of the best things you can do is sign up for a free account. Doing so allows you more control over your posting, such as editing, deleting, and reposting any post that you make. To register for a free account is simple and easy, requiring only a computer with Internet access ad your favorite browser.

  1. Enter www.craigslist.org into the address bar, and click “my account” on the left hand side of the page.
  2. At the bottom of the page, which reminds you to be vigilant of scammers, click the “sign up for an account” link.
  3. Next, enter your email into the provided box and click “create account”.
  4. Craigslist will send you a verification email to confirm that you are who you claim to be. Click the link provided in the email.
  5. Now, you need to choose a password for craigslist. Stick with standard password rules, something easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess. Their site only requires eight characters or more, so you have significant freedom in your password choice.
  6. Once you have chosen your password, click “submit password”.
  7. You should be directed to a page marking your success. Click the link that will take you to your account settings page.
  8. Then, accept the terms of use after reading them, to ensure your understanding of the site usage rules.
  9. Finally, you should be directed to your account home page.

From the account home page, you can do anything you’d like on craigslist. Creating a post to sell an item, post a job listing, offer a service trade, and so forth are all options once you have created your account. Additionally, you can search through all the listings in your area for whatever you want to find.

Craigslist is a valuable tool for job seekers, employers, and anyone with something to buy or sell. Signing up with craigslist for easier posting is one of the ideal ways to accomplish your goals.

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