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Register For Costa Coffee Club To Check Billing Record

We live in crazy, frantic times. Schedules and deadlines, rushing here and there, it’s all we can do to keep up! A chance to relax doesn’t come nearly as often as we’d like.

Relaxation is an important part of life. “All work and no play…”, you get the picture. Personally, I’m just no good without downtime.

For me, coffee makes for a good, quick break, and nowhere is better for coffee than your local café or coffee house. There’s something wonderful about the aroma of coffee that envelopes your senses as you push your way through the door on a cool autumn day. The gorgeous baked goods, the light, smart chatter of the people, the scraping of chairs against a tiled floor, these are the sounds of a happy humanity. Have you ever noticed how rare it is to see a quarrel at Costa?

Why Choose Costa Coffee Club?

If you like cafés as much as I do, you should consider applying for a Rewards or Benefits Card. Over the long run, you will save significantly on the cost of your everyday escape, and there’s something terrifically gratifying about watching the rewards pile up. There are too many cafés and coffee houses to discuss all the various Rewards and Benefits programs, so let’s just focus for a moment on Costa.

So what are the benefits to becoming a member of the Costa Coffee Club?

  • Collect points on each item you purchase, excluding alcohol. Each purchase earns five points to be redeemed against future refreshment.
  • Use points to purchase food and drink. One point equals 1p. Collect 200 points and you’ve got £2!
  • Use points in participating Costa locations in England, Scotland, and Wales. Some corporate locations, such as ESSO, don’t take the Club Card for payment, so be sure to check before you wander down at 5am in your bathrobe, card in hand, cashless. It’s happened to me; it was not a pretty picture.
  • Secure your club card against unauthorized use by registering online. It’s quick and easy. Other benefits to registering your card include 100 free points just for registering, and free replacement (including your points!) if your card is lost or stolen.
  • Check your points balance online, at https://www.costa.co.uk/coffee-club/check-balance-login

It’s this last one that appeals to me most. Checking my points balance is like watching money accumulate in the bank. Sign up for the Costa Coffee Club today!

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