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Pay and File Online Taxes at the Chicago Department of Revenue

The City of Chicago spans an area of 231 square miles and sits about a tenth of a mile above sea level on the southwestern coast of Lake Michigan. The city proper is crossed by the Chicago and Calumet rivers. Chicago’s extensive city parks attract approximately 86 million visitors every year who enjoy the 12 square miles of park-lands.

Chicago embodies the values of integrity, hard work and community, ideals reflected in the multicultural diversity of its 77 distinct neighborhoods.

Chicago is a leading community in reforming public schools, maintaining public safety and security programs, providing affordable housing, ensuring open accessibility for all and fostering, and social, economic and environmental development.

Chicago is also well known across the United States for the passionate support of the local sports franchises.

The Chicago Department of Revenue

The Chicago Department of Revenue, also known as The Department of Finance, provides effective and efficient management of the City’s financial resources.  The Chicago Department of Revenue is responsible for the collection or disbursement of City funds and all moneys required to be in the custody of the city treasurer.

The Chicago Department of Finance Electronic Tax Filing and Payment Site

Please have a suitable computer with recent browser installed.  You will also need to have an account number and PIN.  Additional requirements are as follows:

  • Have JavaScript installed. We recommend using Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.
  • Set your computer screen area to 800 X 600 at a minimum. 1024 X 768 is better.
  • Do not run any other applications while you are E-Filing your tax form(s).

Entering “The Chicago Department of Revenue” on a search engine will lead you to the correct link or use the following: https://webapps.cityofchicago.org/TaxWeb/.

Welcome To WebTax

WebTax is the Chicago Department of Finance Electronic Tax Filing and Payment site. The goal of WebTax is to simplify the process of filing tax returns and making payments. The WebTax system welcomes comments and offers a “Contact Tax Department” link to provide feedback.

WebTax allows payments greater than $25,000 through checking accounts and other payments up to $25,000 by Credit Card.

How to Pay and File Online Taxes at the Chicago Department of Revenue

The WebTax site is designed to be as simple as possible.

After you enter your account and PIN, you will be prompted to enter information into fields.  Have your tax documents handy as a reference.  You will not need to mail in any paperwork once completed.  Entering your PIN at the end will act as your electronic signature verifying your information.

You should receive confirmation of your submission shortly following the end of your session.

You can at any time in the process save incomplete filing information and return to complete it at a later date should that be necessary.

Note: You should avoid using forward and back buttons on your browser while in the e-file system.

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