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Apply at Safeway for Finance Leadership Program

If you have obtained a business degree but are unsure of where you want to go next, then you should look into the Finance Leadership Program offered by Safeway. This program will offer valuable training and experience as well as the chance to advance within the Safeway company.

What is Safeway?

Safeway is the second largest grocery store in North America, and one of the largest overall retailers in the United States. Safeway’s headquarters are located in Pleasanton, California, and the majority its stores are located in the western and central portions of the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

The Finance Leadership Program

The Finance Leadership Program is a training program that allows recent graduates to work with a Business Unit for 12 months.  Participants will be assisted throughout the program with formal mentoring and on-the-job training to ensure they develop the necessary skills and confidence to take on an important role withinSafeway.

The Finance Leadership Program is designed to invite first rate undergraduates to participate in exchange for in-depth training and the opportunity for career development. Once trainees have completed the training program, they will be assigned various roles within the business units.

Necessary Qualifications

The Finance Leadership Program is designed to develop leadership skills and business savvy among promising graduates. Since this is quite a bargain for participants, Safeway has strict criteria for those who desire to enter this program:

  • You must have completed a 4-year degree in Marketing, Finance, Economics, Statistics, or any other business-related field.
  • You must have received a 3.0 GPA minimum in your college studies.
  • Proficiency in using MS Office and competent computer skills.
  • The ability to solve problems and present various possible solutions quickly.
  • Strong analytical and quantitative skills, as well as excellent verbal and written presentation skills.
  • Communication skills which allow you to present complex scenarios and concepts in simple and compelling ways.
  • The ability to multi-task and handle multiple deadlines simultaneously, while meeting important deadlines.
  • Desire to work with others and pursue team solutions.
  • Previous experience with retail or consumer products is not required, but is highly desirable.

If you feel that this would be a good fit for you, then contact Safeway at www.careersatsafeway.com  to apply for this program and set up an interview. This program could be the start of a long-term and fulfilling career!

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