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How Army.com Can Help You Get Your GED And Enlist Today

Army.com is a resource that provides information and resources for those interested in enlisting or reenlisting in a branch of the United States Armed Forces. This website also hosts forums, sends out newsletters, and features countless informational articles. This site is an excellent resource for those wishing to learn more about the Armed Forces.

Information About the GED

The GED (general educational development) test can be taken by any individual over the age of sixteen who wishes to obtain a Certificate of High School Equivalency in place of a traditional high school diploma. Since a high school diploma is a requirement for those wishing to enlist in the Armed Forces, the GED is a chance for those who did not graduate from high school to serve without needing to return to high school.

How Army.com Can Help You Get Your GED

  1. Go to Army.com/school/ged/intro
  2. This page will feature several persuasive arguments for why you should obtain a GED, but assuming you are already convinced, you can skip this article.
  3. There will be links to the Jurisdiction Testing Policies and the American Council for Education (ACE) websites; both of these websites will list the state-specific testing requirements for the GED test. Review this information.
  4. Click on the bottom of the screen at Army.com to visit “Step 2: Study for the GED.” This page will have useful tips and information for how to join a GED preparatory class, and links to GED practice tests.
  5. Click on “Step 3: Sign Up for the GED.” Use the Jurisdiction Testing Policies link to set a test date. The GED can be taken in a single sitting, or the individual tests can be taken on separate occasions. You currently have the option of taking a paper or computer test, although paper tests are being phased out in many areas.
  6. Click on “Step 4: Taking the GED.” This page has a lot of useful information about what to expect on your test day.
  7. Armed with all of this information from Army.com, study and take your GED. If you do not pass all of your sections, you can always take those sections again! Persevere until you obtain your GED.


Historically, obtaining a high school diploma has been the minimum qualification necessary to enter the U.S. Armed Forces. The GED is an acceptable alternative, however, if past circumstances prevented you from completing your degree. If you want to take the GED, then visit Army.com and get started today. It is never too late to improve your future!

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