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Sign Up At AOL Online Radio To Access Best Music Flavor

Create Your Own Personalized Radio Station at AOL Online Radio

You no longer have to be held slave to listening to music other people have decided you should hear. In fact, thanks to AOL Online Radio, you can listen only to the music that suits your taste, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It is so simple and so freeing to sign up at AOL Online Radio to access best music flavor, a flavor you create and can reconfigure as your mood changes. AOL Online Radio also has access to more than 200 stations if you want to leave your listening up to professional DJs. Everything from classic rock, jazz, country/western, pop, hip-hop, classical or any other music genre is available to make listening your pleasure.

Sign Up for Free to Listen Freely on AOL Online Radio

The sign up is free. Visit www.aolradio.slacker.com. Once logged in, listeners will have access to the AOL Online Radio player, which was recently revamped to give you more options and freedom to create your personalized radio station.

Features of the new AOL Online Radio interface include:

  • The ability to create custom multi-artist stations with as many artists and songs as you wish.
  • Sharing features that allow you to create stations from the selections your friends are listening to, either on AOL Online Radio or other online outlets. Then you can share your personalized station with others on Twitter or Facebook.
  • The capability of fine tuning your station or the AOL stations produced by DJs more to your liking if, for example, you are more interested in deep cuts rather than singles or older tunes rather than new releases.
  • The ability to alter your selections by using the “unfavorite” or “unban” choice for songs and artists that you previously couldn’t accomplish.

AOL Online Radio also offers apps for the Android and iPhone smartphones so you can take your music with you wherever you go.

Let AOL Choose the Tunes for You

AOL Online Radio stations feature formats and selections provided by professional DJs that will bring you many of your favorites as you fine-tune your personalized station. The top stations provided by AOL include:

•   Top Country, featuring the biggest hits from Nashville

•   Fresh 40, with music’s 40 biggest hits

•   Pop Mix, which brings a mix of recent and current music

•   Lite Hits, featuring hits from the 80s through today

•   Awesome 80s, which is all 80s all the time

•   Modern Gospel

•   Classic Rock

There are plenty of other AOL stations available, giving you plenty of listening options in all your favorite flavors. Just sign up at AOL Online Radio and dig in.

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