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Albertson’s Values Your Sincere Feedback In Their Survey

There are dozens of choices available when you go shopping, especially when you are looking for the basics, like groceries or supplies. To get your business, some stores try to offer the cheapest merchandise, or the most bulk for each purchase. Others promote themselves as having a bit of everything imaginable. But at Albertson’s, the nationally-recognized grocery chain with over 1000 stores across the nation, their stated goal is not to be the biggest, or the cheapest, but simply to be the best. And if you visit Albertson’s, and you want to make sure you keep getting the best experience, they need your help.

In 1939 Joe Albertson started his own store in Boise, Idaho. His idea was to give customers the best care and products at a price they would find reasonable. And as they go into their 75th year, Albertson’s wants to do everything they can to maintain these practices. To help them do that, they ask each of their customers to fill out a quick survey about how they liked their visit. Because Albertson’s values your sincere feedback in their survey, they want to know about everything that went wrong, or at least could be improved, as well as all of the things you liked. As an added incentive to help improve your shopping experience, when you complete their online survey you will be entered in a monthly drawing for a chance to win a $100 gift card.

What to do to take the survey

The Albertsons survey is a quick, simple process and shouldn’t take more than about five minutes. The more people complete it, the better they can make each store, and each shopping experience. To take the survey:

  • You will need your receipt from your latest visit to Albertson’s, as well as a computer or laptop with access to the internet.
  • Go online with your preferred browser, and visit www.albertsonssurvey.com.
  • The survey will ask you to give the date and location of your visit, which should be printed on your receipt. You will also be asked for your email address.
  • After that, you will be go through several pages asking about what departments you shopped in, how you would rate your overall experience, what could be done better, and other, similar questions.
  • Then fill out some basic demographic information, like your age and race, and click the “Submit” button.
  • Finally, enjoy your future trips to Albertson’s, and hope you win the drawing.

The survey doesn’t take very long, and you can be as specific or vague as you want. Albertson’s wants to know how they can make your shopping experience the best it can be, but they need to know what you think before they can respond. And because Albertson’s values your sincere feedback in their survey, they will try to make sure every trip is better than the last one.

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