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Signup For Aetna Pay Premium Online

What is Easy Pay?

Easy Pay is a free monthly service that allows those paying monthly premiums to Aetna to do so online and automatically, saving you time and trouble. You’ll never have to worry about making that payment again since Aetna will do the work for you!

What is Aetna?

Aetna was founded in Hartford, Connecticut in 1853 and is one of this country’s most respected diversified health care benefits companies. By offering a wide array of consumer-directed health insurance plans and other services, they provide people with information and resources to help them make the best decisions about their health care. This includes medical, dental, pharmacy, behavioral group life, health, and disability plans, Medicaid health care management services, workers’ compensation administrative services, and health information technology services. In short, they provide you with the tools you need to manage your healthcare.

Why should you use Easy Pay?

There are lots of reasons why you should pay online; there are even more reasons why you should use the Easy Pay service. Prevent the unnecessary time, money, and stress that can come every month by wondering if you will send in your premium on time.

  • Never be late on a payment again! Aetna’s Easy Pay system can take your monthly payment straight out of your checking account, credit card, or debit card automatically. This will mean that your premium will always be on time.
  • Keep more money in your pocket by never having to pay for mailing! You can save money on phone bills, postage, envelopes, and checks.
  • Save time! Leave it all up to them and never waste time by having to fill out and mail paperwork or spending unneeded time paying over the phone. They do it all for you! With the click of your mouse, your payment is out of the way.

How do I start?

Signing up for Easy Pay is simple. Just fill out the sign-up form here http://www.aetna.com/individuals-families-health-insurance/document-library/EFT_application.pdf or find it on the Web site, www.aetna.com.

Following up is easy, too. Your payments will appear on your bank statement as “Aetna Autodebit Coverage.” It will take approximately 20 days before Easy Pay takes effect, so please pay any bill that arrives in the meantime by check. Depending on your policy’s effective date, the automatic payment of your premium will be deducted from your selected source on the first or fifteenth of each month. Please note that Easy Pay is not available in the state of New York.

You’ve already made your life more secure with Aetna’s healthcare services; now improve your life all the more with Aetna’s Easy Pay service! Sign up today!

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